PRODUCT Living Music From the Heart Vol. 1

Video Sample

Living Music From the Heart Volume 1 for Grade 1
by Jodie Mesler  INCLUDES:

2 Pennywhistles
7 Teacher Lesson Video Tutorials
Parent learns how to play the pennywhistle in 7 videos
20 Video Tutorials 
Learn how to teach your child 20 lessons that follow all 4 seasons (see video of Lesson 1)
27 Lessons Ebook 
-7 Teacher Lessons 
-20 Lessons to Teach Your Child (see Lesson 1)
Articles include:
- Your Singing Voice
- Understanding the Lesson Format for the Six-Year-Old Child in Waldorf Kindy
- Before Beginning Lessons with Your Child
- Understanding the Importance of the Pentatonic Scale (read it here, a sneak peak)

Kerri at Seed to Blossom, says, "I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that we had our first pennywhistle lesson yesterday and my daughter LOVED LOVED LOVED it! (I did, too!) The lesson fit seamlessly into our grade 1 circle time and my daughter (7 years old) could not get enough. Thank you for creating such a detailed, thoughtful, easy to follow curriculum. I enjoy learning along with the videos and feel empowered and excited to bring lessons to my child. I am a trained singer, but not a musician (I really don't even read music) and working with your materials has made playing an instrument accessible, fun and practically stress-free. I can easily say that pennywhistle time (done 4x per week during warm up before main lesson) is Arabella's favorite time of day! I think she'd play the penny whistle all day if she could."