Live Lessons

Marie and her children learning how to play the Choroi Recorder with Jodie via Skype
Mentoring and Private Lessons
How many times have you sat alone with a sheet of music or with just an audio, and you are still confused about how to learn music? And then you are expected to teach your child? You love music but how do you teach it to your child if you don’t quit understand it yourself? 

Hi, I'm Jodie Mesler and I am passionate about music, I love music- music is my life. I love it so much that I have dedicated my life to my continuing education of music while helping to teach others music.

Now you can meet with me over Skype, one on one, as we go through the music lessons together. 
Sometimes it is a better fit for your family to meet live and work through the lessons so that you can fully understand how to play an instrument. I will give you specific tips that you need as well as give you a weekly practice plan so you can quickly become a better musician.

Contact me at for more information on how to get started.

Pennywhistle to Flute Lessons from Georgia to Luxembourg, Europe.
He started when he was 6 on pennywhistle and he is now taking Flute.