Sweet Songs with songbook


1. Sweet Song
2. Mother Mother Earth
3. Thunderstorm

4. The Dance

5. When Bees Come Out 


6. Reptiles and Crocodiles

7. Over in the Meadow

8. The Mighty Ocean

9. The Great Smoky Mountains

10. Fireflies

11. Let’s Find a Ladybug

12. Sunshine Face

Sweet Songs for Spring and Summer is Jodie Mesler’s newest collection of  MP3‘s and special songbook ebook for families who love music together.  Twelve Songs to celebrate spring and summer written about our beautiful earth: The Mighty Ocean, Over in the Meadow, Let’s Find a Ladybug, Mother Mother Earth, Reptiles and Crocodiles and more.  The Dance is a special song you can sing for your May Day celebration or your May Pole dance. 
The Message: Peace, Love and Joy
These songs are woven with the message of peace, love and joy, along with merry tunes to uplift your day.  You may find inspiration in these songs for becoming more observant of the wonderful creation of the world with her many extraordinary treasures so divinely created by God. As in the song, “When Bees Come Out,” you will hear an expression of the importance of community, and how all of creation is one family- where “...together we unite.”
Triple the Music
1. ebook of musical notation, guitar/piano chords, vocal melody and pennywhistle/recorder parts.
2. MP3’s downloaded for your listening pleasure recorded by Jodie Mesler and sometimes with her kids. 
3. Extra Lyric Sheets for each song with note names on top for pennywhistle/recorder.

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$20 Sweet Songs for Spring and Summer and ebook