The traditional pennywhistle, in the key of D,  made in America, has a wooden fipple plug mouthpiece and is made of tin, also known as the tin whistle.

The Cooperman Company makes this instrument. It is crafted to be very similar to the ones used in early American colonial days.  I  love how it is made of natural tin and wood that gives it such a delicate and unique sound.  No harsh and loud sounds will be made like on the recorders and pennywhistles with the plastic mouthpieces; but a delicate soft sound, with a touch of wood. As you play it you will get breathy and gentle tones, which is very soothing allowing a pleasurable musical experience for everyone.

When you learn how to play the pennywhistle using Living Music from the Heart, you will be amazed with how strong you can build your lungs as you learn how to hold out the notes.  

This unique mouthpiece really sets it apart from all the rest.  At the tender ages of 8 through 14, the lungs and heart area are being developed and the child playing on a traditional penny whistle will really benefit. 

Two of these pennywhistles come with the purchase of
 The Complete Music Curriculum Bundle for 6 to 9 Year-Olds